Inspired by the Matrix trilogy, Butterfly Effect and the meaning of the film, DOMMYONN & Z NIGHT Revolver released a track called PLAY at the end of 2019. To reveal the meaning of the composition, as the creative producer, director, and artificial intelligence architect Nurdi Lesbek says: – A cool and monumental idea was needed that would pay back the invested resources. Deep Neural Networks (DNN) were designed – an algorithm that can analyze, search, and collect video with a meaningful narrative. First of all, the task was to teach AI to understand the features of the image and to generalize visual patterns into conceptual understanding. For this, artificial intelligence (see “AiVEA”) was prescribed a special technical scenario with a plot and visual concepts, then the AI ​​analyzes the music, compiles a timeline map based on dynamics, emotional atmosphere and a semantic concept on which the video sequence will be superimposed. Using all this data, the AI ​​searches for the necessary material on the Internet (or in the indicated sources), processes, cuts and glues them together. Thus, AI automates the time-consuming installation process and accelerates the production of video content. Thanks to such innovative tools, the industry is developing and in the future, Kazakhstan may become one of the leading manufacturers of video content in the world.


The plot of the Play video tells about the fantasies of the human mind, thanks to which we make incredible discoveries in self-knowledge, science and art.



AI Architect / Demo video director: @nurdilesbek
Design and Production:



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