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  • 2011
    DGK was founded in Shymkent as a creative association for film makers, musicians, artists and game designers. Projects: “The Last Nomad” 3D computer game , music bands “ESKABARA”, “Night Music”, “BugArt” mobile games development studio.
  • 2013
    Launch of the production company in Astana, engaged in producing commercial and music videos. Projects: full-length 3D cartoon "Yer Tostik and Aidakhar", the feature film "In Search of a Lost Dream", commercial videos for "Kazakhfilm", "Samruk Kazyna", "KazMunayGas", "Eurofarm", "Khabar" TV channel, etc. , music videos for “The Night”, “KeshYou”, “Alau”, “BikaBreezy”, “Family Band”, “Aigul Imanbaeva”, “Karakat Abildina”, “Ainur Niyazova”, “Yunus Pers”, “Bay Rookh” etc.
  • 2019
    Expansion and reformatting of the production company into a creative agency that is engaged in the development of digital projects around the world.


Think of us as an extension of your team, not as a contractor. Our work together is a fascinating story where we meet, make friends, communicate, set expectations, learn to trust each other and cooperate together as a team. As Andrew Carnegie, one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution, says: “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organization objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”

Our process is transparent and structured, so you will always know when and why we conduct research, brainstorm, earn, sketch, design and program.


creative producer industry: cinematographer,
design, management


project director industry: management,
education, sales


creative producer industry: management,


technical director industry: IT, management


creative producer industry: music, commercial video


cg generalist industry: computer graphics,
commercial video


project director industry: management,
r&d engineering


project director industry: management


game designer industry: management, IT,
game design


A company without philosophy is like a ship without a compass. Our agency is built on the idea that one can create a creative playground, rather than a production factory. The formula is simple: happy people create inspirational digital experiences.

Our components of happiness:

Personal development

  • Physical health
  • Emotional psychology
  • Mental development
  • Spiritual enrichment

Ambition and Self-Realization

  • The desire to reach career and life heights
  • Short and long term planning
  • Discipline and systematic work to achieve goals

Benefit to society

  • Create helpful products
  • Share knowledge
  • Charity


  • Friendly environment
  • Humanistic relationship
  • Successful and creative community

Platform for

  • Innovation platform
  • Professional tools
  • The ability to think, create and work freely


Project Manager

As a project manager, you will have the opportunity to create cool products, as well as inspire and support a creative team on the path to achieving goals.



  • — work with requirements and prioritization;
  • — demonstration of product functionality, versions, prototypes;
  • — reporting;
  • — regular communication and feedback;
  • — monitoring of deadlines and timely notification;
  • — building trust, managing expectations.


  • — formation and recruitment;
  • — habituation, training;
  • — organization of the workflow (development, testing, work with requirements);
  • — motivating and building effective interaction;
  • — resolving conflicts, eliminating interference in work;


  • — drawing up a development and launch plan;
  • — breakdown into components, tasks and subtasks;
  • — appointment of workers;
  • — performance monitoring and risk analysis;
  • — quality control;
  • — maintaining documentation and reporting;
  • — version control;


  • — drawing up a development and delivery plan;
  • — recruitment, training, retention;
  • — organizing the working process;
  • — profitability;
  • — reporting;
  • — fulfilling the business goals of the customer on time and building trust;


Personal qualities

  • — Responsibility;
  • — Confidence in the result of work;
  • — Leadership;
  • — Sociability;
  • — Analytic skills;
  • — Self-discipline;
  • — High efficiency.

Special qualities

  • — Ability to listen and hear;
  • — Be mindful of those with whom you work with;
  • — Proactivity;
  • — Study, study, study;
  • — Do not wait for a favorable moment;
  • — Work on relationships with the customer;
  • — Respect your and the team’s work;

Core skills

  • — General management skills;
  • — Special knowledge in the project management field;
  • — Knowledge of the specifics of the industry related to the developed project;
  • — Ability to work with people;
  • — Ability to negotiate;
  • — Knowledge of MS Project (or others);
  • — Ability to clearly and concisely state thoughts to different people;
  • — Spoken and written English;

It’s enough to talk about your project,indicate contacts, and we will contactto discuss everything.

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